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DNR - Do Not Resuscitate Order (Public Health Law §2962)

PBH §  2962.  Presumption in favor of resuscitation; lawfulness of order; effectiveness of order; duty to provide information; no duty to expand equipment.

1.     Every person admitted to a hospital shall be presumed to consent to the administration of cardiopulmonary resuscitation in the event of cardiac or respiratory arrest, unless there is consent to the issuance of an order not to resuscitate as provided in this article.

2.     It shall be lawful for the attending physician to  issue  an  order not  to  resuscitate  a patient, provided that the order has been issued pursuant to the  requirements  of  this  article.  The order shall be included in writing in the patient’s chart. An order not to resuscitate shall be effective upon issuance.

3.     Before obtaining, pursuant to this  article,  the  consent  of  the patient, or of the surrogate of the patient, or parent or legal guardian of  the  minor  patient,  to  an order not to resuscitate, the attending physician shall provide to the person giving consent  information  about the  patient’s diagnosis and prognosis, the reasonably foreseeable risks and benefits of cardiopulmonary resuscitation for the patient,  and  the consequences of an order not to resuscitate.

4.     Nothing in this article shall require a hospital to expand its existing   equipment   and   facilities   to   provide   cardiopulmonary resuscitation.

5.   (a)  The  provisions  of  article  twenty-nine-C  of this chapter, governing  health  care  proxies  and  agents,  take   precedence   over conflicting provisions of this article.

       (b)   When a patient who has a health care agent lacks capacity, the agent shall have the rights and authority that a patient with capacity would have under this article, subject to the terms of the health care proxy and article twenty-nine-C of this chapter.




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